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Internal Communications

Internal Digital Signage

Keeping your employees informed

onquevision is the ideal platform to enhance your company’s Internal Communication systems. It is important for a company to distribute a consistent message to employees to minimise discrepancies across one or multiple locations. Communication with employees is an important process and with the large amount of information being distributed by emails, intranet and other methods, digital signage allows management to reaffirm messages such as branding, identity and responsibilities.

A digital signage system allows management to display messages in key locations through multiple buildings, a local or national office, or even worldwide. Management of the onquevision platform allows for key features such as user access control, limiting access of screens and campaigns to key people, and an approval process, to ensure the information displayed matches the company message.

onquevision will provide your business with a system suitable to your environment and your required outcomes.

Solutions suitable for Internal Communications

  • Digital noticeboards
  • Lunch rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Foyer displays
  • Production reporting
  • System reporting
  • OH&S messaging
  • Corporate indentity
  • Corporate branding
  • Corporate reputation
  • Employee communications