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Digital Menu Boards

Instant Updates and Daily Specials

Digital Signage Menu Boards

Digital Signage is the ideal platform for Menu Board displays.
updating your menu has never been easier than with onquevision. Update your menu in an instant, allowing you to adjust pricing, item availability and specials without taking time away from what you do best – serve your customers. Using the intuitive schedule feature of onquevision, you can set your menus to automatically switch from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, at the times you specify.

  • Can be displayed on screens  sized 32” and above, as single displays or attractive multi-screen layouts
  • The content is updated from a single location and can be published immediately or prepared ahead of time
  • A menu board can be located outside, at the entrance or within a restaurant or fast-food takeaway area
  • A cafe screen could include digital TV as well as the menu board to provide entertainment for your customers
  • Multi-site businesses can easily control all displays from a central location

Digital Menu Board Features

  • Template Based Display Information
  • Easy to use interface
  • User Management controls
  • User Access levels
  • Supports all screen sizes

Digital Menu Board Benefits

  • Enter new prices at any time – don’t wait on the printers or sign makers
  • Instant updates – change prices instantly
  • Automatic update of prices reduces labour costs
  • Ease of use – low maintenance costs
  • Single or multiple location administration for managed updates