Capturing the illusive attention of the 21st shopper

Statistics show that a customer’s attention is won or lost in just three seconds. With such a narrow window in which to engage potential buyers, a business’s advertising must therefore be clear, vibrant and concise.

A simple solution to this is embedding digital point of sale displays into the retail or business environment. High-definition screens displaying bright colours or vivid images draw the customer in before maintaining their initial intrigue through clever content and considered words. And, unlike traditional static point of sale advertising, digital displays are proven to be far more adept at persuading the customer and influencing their buying decisions. In a world where customers are bombarded by moving images, retail promotion needs to keep up and digital signage can help achieve this.

A major advantage of utilising such a display in a retail environment is the flexibility of use that comes with it. Though the display itself is permanent, its content can vary dependent on purpose. So whether it is an upcoming event, a new product or a major customer promotion the digital signage display can work perfectly with the needs of your business.

Furthermore, in a world increasingly interested in social networking, rolling news and global connectivity digital signage can provide a truly modern mode of marketing. This is because the monitors can be easily synced to the internet allowing businesses to incorporate a world of choice into their on-site promotion activities with the use of RSS feeds and streaming YouTube videos.

Our top tips for creating knock-out digital content:

  • Contrast and legibility – you might have the most creative idea in the digital universe but if the viewer can’t differentiate the designs elements or read the final offer it won’t do your business much good. Always make sure there’s a good contrast between your background and foreground colours, especially when it comes to text.
  • The 3 x 5 rule – Words on the screen are there to communicate a clear, concise message. Don’t clutter your designs with too much text Try not to use more than three lines of text of five words each OR five lines of text of three words each.
  • Let the colour do the selling – Colour therapy has a long and proud history in advertising, and for good reason. Have you ever noticed how many sale signs are red? You will now! This is because the colour red has been linked to an increased heart rate and sense to urgency. Check out this fantastic infographic to learn more about colour therapy in the retail environment:
    How Do COLOURS Affect Purchases?
  • Focus techniques – guide the viewer’s eye to critical information first and create a visual hierarchy in your design. Headlines, graphics, bright colours and high contrast items will pull the eye to them. Size also tells the audience the priority of design elements, as does their arrangement, angles and open space.
  • Use trigger words – Your call to actions must be short, so use the words you have wisely. Examples of trigger words: free; you; save; money; new; instant; results; safety. Trigger words must evoke a need or grab attention.

onquevision digital signage has been designed to make creating your digital content easy, but if you don’t have the time or the marketing expertise our design team are here to help. From full campaign creation to menu board temple set-up we can help your business display a message to capture the attention of even the most capricious shoppers.