Digital Signage For Australian SMEs


Digital Signage in Australian Small Businesses

Digital signage – flat panel screens displaying advertising and information surround us – in supermarkets, at the gym, in the doctor’s office, they have become a part of the everyday landscape.

According to the marketplace, this is for very good reason – digital signage delivers measurable, proven business benefits.

Dynamic small businesses have already recognised and exploited these proven benefits, however for many others, the potential is still to be realised.

In service or sales environments, such as car dealerships and medical offices, studies have shown that by utilising digital signage to promote a specific offering, revenue from the sale of that product typically increase by 50%, and in some instances by an astonishing 300% – “The digital signage becomes our most valuable salesperson”.

The power of digital signage is most clearly recognisable in businesses where staff do not have the sales training to “upsell” consumers, such as at a mechanic or dental surgery. Digital signage also takes advantage of consumers in waiting areas, encouraging referrals for new business, and ensuring repeat business.