3 Reasons Why Digital Signage is a Great Way to Advertise Your Products

3 reasons

In an information flooded world business owners often find their voice drowned out in the general chit-chat and shouting of social media and TV or print advertising. New ways to make the individual voice heard need to be found and digital signage offers a way to cut through the noise to reach your customers on a more customised level.

Targeted advertising

ICA Group, a major American supermarket franchise, reported an increase in sales of 150 per cent of the goods it promoted through in-store digital screens and point of sale displays. They use their screen to inform customers of in-store specials and to provided them with inspiration on how to use the products being advertised.

Unlike a lot of advertising methods where you throw your message out there (paying a marketing firm generously for it)  and hope that someone is interested, with digital signage you know customers are already interested, making it the perfect advertising tool to upsell and cross sell.

You’re in control

Digital signage is versatile enough to fit most business models. Some of the biggest opportunities in digital signage exist for businesses like coffee shops and snack bars or restaurants that are in control of their digital menu boards, complete with mouth-watering images of the dishes on offer which they can update in seconds anytime they need.

With the housing boom in full swing the ability to update advertising in an instant is an invaluable tool for real estate offices, allowing them to instantly list new houses or list a property as being sold.

Sharing, not selling

Retailers find that information provided on screens in the store are viewed by customers as a source of information rather than as a selling or advertising device. Sharing information is the modern equivalent of sales advertising and for that we have social media to thank. Customers no longer want to hear the hard sell.

While they have always wanted to know what’s in it for them, today’s sophisticated audience wants to be entertained, informed and enlightened before they will make that buying decision. For this reason on screen advertising in the business place is regarded more as being there for the benefit of the customer than for that of the business owner.

Digital signage is the way forward in the 21st century, offering affordable, energy efficient and easily maintained, targeted advertising at the time and place where it has maximum impact and return on investment. http://pleasewriteapaper.hatenablog.com/