10 Great Ways to Promote Your Business This Christmas

Holiday Decorate Your Website & Logo

Most businesses put up decorations in their office during the festive season. So why not spread the cheer on your website? You can make this really simple by changing the background image to a Christmas tree, replace the O’s in you logo with Christmas bobbles or the I’s with festive candles, or simply chuck a Santa hat somewhere in there. Or you can go all out and have a whole Christmas theme designed for your website. If you’re in retail or have an online store, this is a great idea, especially if you stock season products.
NOTE: don’t forget to update your email signature to match.
Don’t have a graphically creative bone in your body? No problem, the elves at Made2Create can help!


Free Samples
Celebrate the giving season with your clients and customers by offering free samples. Onquevision are giving away free Christmas animation to all our clients to say Merry Christmas.




Make Your Phone Messages Festive
You can update your incoming announcement, your on hold messages and music and even your voicemail to take account of the holiday season. Take this opportunity to thank your customers for their loyalty and wish them a Happy New Year. Let your callers know of any holiday opening hour changes or any holiday promotions while they wait on hold. The creative writing elves at M2 On Hold are experts at coming up with fun and festive ways to great and entertain your callers, don’t believe me? Listen for yourself:
Xmas Audio samples


Have a Special Christmas Offer
It’s really easy to offer something different for Christmas, often just by repackaging what you already have. The limited availability and seasonality gives people a reason to buy today.



Add some valued clients to your Christmas Party Guest List
Nothing builds better business relationships than one-on-one communication and what better way to socialise with some of your most valued clients than a party. Even those that won’t be able to make it will still appreciate the invite.


Decorate Your Company Vehicles
Why not extend your office holiday decorations to your company vehicles? This is a great idea if you want to get noticed! Have some fun – keep it simple or go crazy. For an added bonus, film the staff decorating the cars and post it to your social media and website.


Wear a Santa Hat or Christmatise your uniform
Santa hats are inexpensive and for only a few dollars you can buy a bag of them and hand them out to all the staff. Not a hat person? No problem, a reindeer antler headband (wearing mine as I type this) spreads the holiday joy just as much. Why not hand them out to some of your clients too.
Photo of someone from the office at their desk wearing a Santa hat.


Make a Donation to Charity
Celebrate the giving season and make a gift to charity, let your customers know your contribution and give them a way to donate through your business.


Send Christmas cards with your invoices
No one likes opening bills so take some of the sting out this holiday season but including a Christmas card in everything you send out.


12 days of Christmas
Incorporate the 12 days of Christmas in your marketing. Make the most of the post-Christmas period by marketing from the 25th of December to the 6th of January, offering a great discount each day.